Rice Exfoliating Gel in Pakistan

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Rice Exfoliating Gel in Pakistan

Rice Exfoliating Gel in Pakistan

100% Brand New and Top Quality!

Nourishes the skin, add the right amount of water

Moisturizes, smoothes the skin

Contains rice plants, cleanses & nourishes skin,

softens skin Balances moisture according to skin condition,

keeps skin in prime condition all day

Item Type: Whitening & Peeling gel

Instructions For Use

Wash face and hands.

Apply the cream to the skin. Massage

gently and wait 15-20 minutes for absorption

Cleanse your skin.

Anyway, Let’s explore What Rice Water Can Do for Your Skin.

anti-aging benefits. The study evaluated the effect of a gel formulation containing rice water on human skin.

skin whitening effect. This benefit of rice water has not been scientifically proven. …

Protects the skin barrier.

… Relieves sunburn.

Side Effects of Rice Water on Face

Excessive consumption of rice water can lead to dry, cracked and itchy skin. can also cause side effects like red rashes and streaks on the skin. If there is an open wound on the skin, applying rice water may cause infection.

Good for Skin Whitening?

It is also a healing cosmetic tool. She adds, “Rice and rice water are considered the most effective beauty ingredients in many whitening, brightening, and anti-aging skincare products.

Can I Use the Rice Scrub Every Day?

Can I use a rice flour scrub every day? As with any scrub, it is best to use a rice flour scrub 1-2 times per week. Using it too often can dry out your skin and make it more sensitive to the elements

Whitening Methods

A popular Bihak method is the use of cosmetics that block the production of melanin. Traditionally, uguisu no fun was used to lighten skin tone, although today it is considered a luxury item. Popular products often include sake and rice bran, which contain kojic acid

Is Rice Scrub Good for Oily Skin?

The rice water in the scrub cleanses the skin, controls sebum production & It also strengthens collagen. Delicate rice beads remove dead skin cells and absorb excess oil


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